Waves of Love

Maire from my book “Waves of Love”

About the book~. It is the third in a Trilogy.  With this one I have teamed up with a writing friend

who writes the part of a mysterious Viking (he is really Scottish)

Marie mac Domnail is caught in the middle of the cultural conflict between political Irish leaders and Vikings in Dublin at the turn of the 11th century.  She wants to honor her parents, but senses there is good in the modern prosperity of the new Dubh Linn.  In this story Marie searches for purpose, truth and love.  She meets friends that help her discover all three.

Setting:  Dubh Linn, Ireland 1000-1014 AD

Coming out in 2022. ~maggie

Published by Maggie Logan

Writer, reader, gardener, mother, wife, grandmother, and educator

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