Maggie’s Gardens


Blossoms smile at morning
May is on the way
Heavy raindrops beckon
Harken a sunny day

Gloomy clouds hang solemn
Making gardening cease
Hungry robins tell us
Bugs below-ground feast

Leafless, naked, whimsy
Dogwood branches flow
Happy blossoms smiling
Springtime flowers grow.

Autumn Chill

Autumn breezes beckon Fall
As Summer colors fade.
Clouding sun against blue skies 
And lengthening the shade.

Dogwood berries drooping low
Amber leaves are spent 
Crumbled brown debris and twigs 
While loyal ferns are bent. 

Merry mums of autumn
Season rush is on 
Blackened night and morning 
Summer days are gone.
Geese against the gloomy sky
A robin lingers still 
Lonely Monarchs flutter by 
And leave an Autumn chill.

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