Where in Ireland?

Mullagh, County Cavan

I am a stream as old as time
From Mullagh’s wave I take my rise
I gurgle on with busy chime
And sparkle like a lover’s eyes.
(From The Old Mill Stream – Robert O’Reilly

Maggie’s Musing

…often in my wanderlust, I read and learn about other times and places. There is nothing like the right map to help my understanding. Recently, I came across a like soul who actually lived in England and married an Irishman. Her name is Ali Isaac. They live in Ireland now and she studies the countryside traveling and writing stories and poetry about sites of interest. One of her most recent shares, was about a park in a small village called Mullagh, were she climbed Mullagh Laoighill (Mound of Laoighill) I recommend watching the video she took of her trip. But mostly, I enjoyed one of her discoveries while she was there. She described the walk along the country path leading to the top of the mound…”the serenity and scenery is poetry. As you climb there are signs on the fences with excerpts from poems written by the local poets…” Such a beautiful way to combine history and nature!


Geopark at the Border…

Here’s the reason I started this website. Ali recommended entering a contest run by Bee Smith in Ireland. It is calling all poets who are inspired by geological landmarks in the Geopark located in Cavan Co. Ireland. It is located near Rossculligan, Ireland and is a park shared by both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Poems written would celebrate the geo- heritage and the interaction between History, Science and Literature of the Irish Culture. http://www.discoverbelturbet.ie/unesco-geopark/marble-arch-caves/

All credit for this post goes to Ali Isaac for discovering the gem, Dowra and Bee Smith for putting the work into creating opportunities for people to interact with the landscape. I dream of visiting soon.



   Sacred Stones of Droim Leathan
						By Maggie Logan

Evolving through the ages    
Reflecting spiritual need
Built on a ridge of limestone
And growing from a seed 

Eons of geo travel
Brought us to this place
Long ago and stewardship
Keep it a worthy space.

Saint Colmcille, our native son
Left his footprint on it
Searching for his calling there
Spoke to God upon it

Take a wander through it
The gravesite and remains
Walls of stone stand ruined
Whooping swans and cranes

Ancient voices beckon
Hear the druids’ drone
Manuscripts and relics
Tower tall of stone

Nature’s tranquil morning
Verdant grasses grow
Hills and trees surround it
Sheep in pastures low

Solar rays on Garfinny Lough
Reflections even still
Pull at hearts the memories
We pray they always will

Not always, was there silence
Dynamic heat and cold
Bloody wars from earthen core
The tale is very old

Wars of nature, wars of men
Raging wars~all sorts
Warriors fighting to the end 
O’Reilly’s and O’Rourkes

Drumlane Abbey lives on still
A witness to man’s story
In the village of Milltown
A secret of Earth’s glory

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