Maggie’s Musing

Living the dream

I’m Maggie and I am.  Having been a teacher for forty years and a forever mom of three beautiful children, and ten lovely grandchildren and the wife of a wonderful man for 46 years, I am blessed.

I am living the dream I have as a writer, traveler, and poet and that’s why I made this site.  Along the way I continue to be influenced and inspired by others so here is where I want to pass that along.

Maggie’s Musing is not only a place for my discoveries but a place for my ramblings.  I plan to get a blog going soon.  

Welcome!  And visit me often.  Cheers!

Welcome to Maggie’s Musings!

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Aes sidhe

First bean sidhe                           
Lament and sorrow                     
Maternal lover
Cry for the ‘morrow

Turning of Earth
Sod, dirt and coal 
Eternal healer 
Body and soul

Stone cross and grave site
Though it seems dark
Keening for lost souls
Black crow so stark

Prophet and bard
Harper and sooth
Saying the fortune
Keening the truth

Poets adore you!
Wisdom and care
Healing the sad heart
Secrets to share

Psalm 23 The Good Shepherd,The Psalms Poetry On Fire~Image Pintrest, uncredited at source~

Poetry Inspires Poetry

I’m deeply inspired by the poetry from the Bible, and as said here “The Psalms on Fire”

Thank you to Celtic Christianity and Linda Lockwood.

Could be the Poetry ~Words of Love

Could be the Poetry
             Words of Love
                  By Maggie

Table of Contents

Love ~by Scott

Words of Love
1.	Could be the Poetry
2.	Writer’s Muse
3.	Passion
4.	There is a Magic Garden
5.	Dogwood Poem ~ Spring
6.	Amazing Morning
7.	Secret Love
8.	Clouds of Live
9.	You Have My Heart
10.	Poem ~by Ella Wilcox

 Celtic Love
1.	 Etian and Midir
2.	The Poet
3.	Aes Sidhe
4.	Drumlane Abbey
5.	Tread Lightly
6.	The Moon
7.	To the Rose upon the Road of Time ~by WBYeats