Manannan mac Lir and Fand

I am writing a retelling of Celtic Myths and Legends. Today I’m telling the Wooing of CuClulainn and Emer. In years past I wrote a piece where CuClulainn was taken by Fand, the Faerie Queen of the Sea who is also The Sea God’s wife:) I loved the part where Emer was jealous and comes at him with a knife! Fand releases him. Emer is happy because she “knew” CuClulainn would come back to her. That’s one confident lady!

Here is just a flavor for Manny and Fand loved…..

The magical palace of the God of the Sea, Manannan Mac Lir and his Queen Fand was carved out of the Isle of Mann, built skillfully into a cliff which overlooked the North Sea.
The glowing life waters of the sea ran through it, the walls stood strong around it.
It was created by the very hands of its master and was adored by its mistress.
A beacon at a distance….the palace of Manannan Mac Lir was the heart of the Isle 
of Mann.  No intruder, nor evil would dare invade its portals or it would have hell to pay~ the thickest fog would hide it from the whole world for ever more.


“It is gorgeous, my love,” Fand beamed as she noticed the crystal windchimes hanging from the silver leaved trees lining the pathway which led to the entrance.  She could hear the tingle of tiny bells, and whistles…which made her hide a smile.  Her faeries
had already found their way to the mounds underneath the foundation…or maybe they
had always been there…..

They lived there happily until Manannan was called away.

She knew when she agreed to be his queen, that he would not stay.  Manannan was god of the Sea, roaming the waters following the waves of time, cleansing the lands of darkness.  In her heart she held hope, as it had only been months, since their joining on the shores of the Irish Sea.  It had all been so perfect at Beltaine, a time of renewal and rebirth of gathering and of love…….

Then one night in winter, she felt his presence, and a chill flew over her, the corners of her lips curving uncontrollably…he had been gone so long, her soul was hollow, willing him  to return.  Combing her ginger locks, while primping in her looking glass, she was startled by the din throughout the land….the cheers roared, causing the  earth to rumble….Hurrying to his study, Fand, threw open the door , her lips in an .O….

”Did you solve all the problems of the earth?…..” she smiled, and then gazing at him she softened….

”my love…I have missed you,” she purred as she moved swiftly into his arms.

This was the way of it, and she too, often ventured off.

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