Seven Lady’s Smocks

The Lady’s Smock are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
I will soon share some of my wildflowers for you!

PS  ~trying to learn how this blogging goes…This comment was meant for Paddy:)

Paddy Tobin, An Irish Gardener

Now, you might think I have changed the style of my wardrobe but that is not the case. Rather it is the celebration of a little moment in the garden. We have a small area which has changed over the years from being a “bulb lawn” to a wildflower patch. Originally, we planted a large number of snowdrops – several thousand – in the grass patch which was enclosed within two large garden beds and added crocus, daffodils, fritillaries, camassias and a few other bulbs in smaller numbers over the years. A gift of some native orchids from a friend’s garden forced us to leave the date for the cutting the grass much later and, of course, the grass grew quite a lot taller and, without any intervention on our part, wildflowers appeared. We have had some especially exciting years – a year of a blue cover from the native…

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