‘Just writing this to say I’ve joined the Word Press community and looking for friends who share my passions.  I’m a writer and poet.  I’ve written a few poetry books and two short novels of a trilogy focusing on Isolde and Tristan and their descendants in medieval Ireland.  I am very interested in Irish Culture and have visited there three times…with hopes to return next summer.

I love gardening wildflowers, roleplaying “Lord of the Rings” and being with my grandchildren.  

Hope to add many of you on this new endeavor.

My writing website is  That is where you can find my books.  I’m eager to meet and make new friends here.

Here is an excerpt from “Waves of Darkness”, my first book.

                           Chapter 1   Tara

Princess Isolde patted the course hairs upon the shoulder of her beloved mare, Emerald.  They were still, and gazing over the holy grounds at Tara, the ancient capitol of Eire. 

 Caught in the March wind was a wisp of golden tendril, which had loosed from under her pins, and flew aimlessly adrift under darkened skies.  A shiver ran through her as she spied her destination.  She had hoped to be inspired after what had been a challenging winter solstice.

The morning had been sunny, and even as there was a chill, she felt encouraged to get out, clear her mind, and enjoy the earthen air.  Yet, after riding, some two hours later, the promising day had turned gray.

It was not just the cold reminder that spring had not yet unfurled, but the mood she felt within, which caused her shoulders to sag just a tad, and her eyes to stare.  Before her stood the ancient Hill of Tara, where kings of Ireland were christened in days gone by.  Its verdant greens circled hills of peat, which lay high above the mounds of the worthy ancient tribe of the Tuatha De Dann.  This holy place was highly regarded by the Irish and usually a destination sought by the princess to be satisfying..   

The Tuatha De Dann (people of Danu, the Mother Goddess) who had according to legend come to Ireland in flying ships with their Lia Fail (Stone of destiny). They had penetrated the great energy field of the Isle in order to deposit Lia Fail on the mound of Tara in County Leister.   Forever after, the rightful kings of Ireland were called, when it cried out.

 Isolde reflected, with pride, upon the mystique of these sidhe, as they were called.  Truly they were fae or faerie creatures: known for their wisdom, knowledge and skilled arts, even as they were warriors like none other. It caused a slight smile to come into her eyes as she recalled how they were also known for their three types of music; the music of sorrow, joy and dreaming.   Yes, she herself had the blood of the sidhe, the same as her mother, Queen Iseult, whose ancestors were sidhe.  

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Writer, reader, gardener, mother, wife, grandmother, and educator

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